The Art of Travel

Travel is an art. With experience, one can develop skills that enhance the experience.

If you are interested, here are some of my frequently used resources for crafting an enhanced travel experience:

1. Time and Date

When is sunset, or full moon at my destination?

How many hours time difference is there? When is a good time to call?

All these questions and more can be answered with a look at

2. Flight Stats
When making a connection, how often has your flight number been delayed in the past?
Is the plane coming into my connecting city running on time?
When meeting a flight, is the flight due to arrive on time?
Take a look at

3. Skype Out
When out of the US and staying somewhere with wifi, one inexpensive
option for making international phone calls is Skype Out.
Sign up for Skype.
Then purchase $10 of Skype credit.
Works great.

4. Train schedules:
In Europe, look at German Rail

In Japan, look at Jorudan

Send me an email with any feedback on these ideas! Happy travels, Amy

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