Japan: New Reading for Art Tour to Japan and mountain hiking too

Japan is a passion of mine and it provides great pleasure when new books appear about Japan. Here are two of my favorites. Both are great resources to prepare for the November 2018 Japan Heritage art tour, as well as our mountain hiking trips on Shikoku, the Japan Alps, and the Kumano Kodo. Happy reading!

A Year in Japan by Kate T Williamson. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2006
A visual diary of the author’s year in Japan that captures so many of my favorite quirks about the country. For example, she writes: “Safe Fruit. Japanese apples tend to be enormous, expensive, and well-protected. I once bought an apple in a department store supermarket (most department stores have supermarkets on the lowest level), and before I could stammer something about not needing a bag, the apple was surrounded by a foam cozy and placed inside a paper bag, which was then sealed with a sticker bearing the department store’s name and handed to me in a plastic shopping bag.”
A Year in Japan Princeton Architectural Press

Japanese Farm Food by Nancy Singleton Hachisu. Kansas City: Andrews McMeel Publishing LLC, 2012.
The Osaki family emigrated to Hawaii from Japan in the late 1800’s. John Osaki, my husband, is a third generation Japanese American. During a century in Hawaii, Japanese American cooking embraced many unusual ingredients, including SPAM and Vienna Sausages. This cookbook returns Japanese food to its “farm to table” roots, and includes simple food that tastes great. Turn to page 259 for chicken grilled with scallions. Three ingredients: boneless chicken thighs, sea salt, scallions. This is so simple and so very tasty. Oishii! Enjoy.
Japanese Farm Food

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