China in Japan

Chinese exhibit in Tokyo looks great. Stop by the Tokyo National Museum if you are in Japan between now and December 24, 2012. Otherwise, take a virtual visit on their website, or come with us to China in October 2013!

CHINA: Grandeur of the Dynasties Heiseikan Special Exhibition Galleries October 10, 2012 (Wed) – December . . . → Read More: China in Japan

Tomb with Terracotta Warriors

From Xi’an, China one of the amazing sights is the tomb of the first Qin Emperor (from the third century BC). The vast site is a masterpiece of terracotta, with life size statues of horses and warriors crafted in clay. This sculpture of horses and a chariot in the museum indicates the elaborate bronze art . . . → Read More: Tomb with Terracotta Warriors

Silk Road Reading

Read more about the Silk Road in an amazing book by Eric Enno Tamm, The Horse That Leaps Through Clouds. Click on this link to see the book’s website. In 2006 Eric retraced Mannerheim’s route from St Petersburg, Russia to Beijing, China. The book skillfully weaves Mannerheim’s account, with the author’s journey a century later, . . . → Read More: Silk Road Reading