Camino and the Kumano, Dual Pilgrimages

Hiking and History. The Camino in Spain. The Kumano Kodo in Japan. These are the only two pilgrimages in the world that have been named “World Heritage Sites.”

If you have done the Camino in Spain, why not try the Kumano Kodo in Japan? You must be fit, and you should enjoy hiking uphill . . . → Read More: Camino and the Kumano, Dual Pilgrimages

Japan Shikoku on TV Tuesday December 16, 2014

The architecture and traditions of Japanese Buddhism figure prominently in our mountain hiking trip to Japan. In April 2013, a film crew from WGBH Boston accompanied our group. The resulting six-part series, Sacred Journeys, airs nationwide beginning on Tuesday December 16, 2014. The Shikoku episode is scheduled for 9pm and appears on the Oregon Public . . . → Read More: Japan Shikoku on TV Tuesday December 16, 2014

China in Japan

Chinese exhibit in Tokyo looks great. Stop by the Tokyo National Museum if you are in Japan between now and December 24, 2012. Otherwise, take a virtual visit on their website, or come with us to China in October 2013!

CHINA: Grandeur of the Dynasties Heiseikan Special Exhibition Galleries October 10, 2012 (Wed) – December . . . → Read More: China in Japan

Tokyo gallery re-opens

In Japan, in January 2013, there is a gallery re-opening at the Tokyo National Museum. Thank you to my friend Manami Kobayashi for this news item: Toyokan (Oriental Art Hall) of Tokyo National Museum Reopens

Toyokan of the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park will reopen on January 2, 2013, after completion of earthquake-proofing construction . . . → Read More: Tokyo gallery re-opens

Japan Shikoku walk/hike temple to temple

Art and history in Japan! In the 9th century, the monk Kobo Daishi set up a pilgrimage route on the island of Shikoku. Read John’s blog from Shikoku, and consider walking in art and history with him in April 2013.

The blog is at

The temple trek on Shikoku, Japan in April 2013 is . . . → Read More: Japan Shikoku walk/hike temple to temple